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Pretty Petals - Snuffle Mat - 9 Silicone Flowers

"We have a pug and 2 cats. They all eat from this and really enjoy it. Thank you." Val K

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Introducing Our Silicone Pet Snuffle Mat:

🧠 Mental Stimulation: Encourage natural foraging instincts, providing both entertainment and challenge.

Slow Feeding: Help regulate eating speed for improved digestion and meal satisfaction.

🐱 Ideal for Cats: Perfectly designed for feline friends to enjoy interactive play. 

🛟Whisker Safe: Won't irritate your cats whiskers like other deeper or rougher options.
🐶 Great for Small Dogs: Tailored for pint-sized pups or those with shorter snouts.

🧼 Easy to Clean: When playtime's over, simply wash for a fresh start.

🌼 Engaging Play: With 9 hidden flower pockets, it turns meal time into a playful adventure.

🛡️ Durability: Built tough to withstand those spirited pawing sessions.

💪 Stays in Place: 100 suction cups keep the fun in place, even during enthusiastic exploration.

🎨 Colour Choice: Available in calming blue or soft purple to suit your style.

Elevate play, mealtime, and cognitive growth with our Silicone Pet Snuffle Mat, a must-have for your four-legged companions.

Tested by Our Pets

Our own cats and dogs have tested and re-tested our products to make sure they are safe and work as intended.

Canadian Animal-Rescuer Selected

Our Canadian Founder is an experienced animal-rescuer and has personally selected every single item.

Love it - Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied, we will refund you without question.

We'd Like to Introduce Ghost

Ghost was once a feral outdoor cat with no hope and a broken leg. He was highly anxious, distrustful, and not used to the human touch. He's now a happy indoor boy with our loving family.

We used lots of love and patience, plus snuffle mats, treats, calming beds, lick mats and toys to win him over.

Now he's a great indoor cat and loves playing and relaxing. He tests all of our products and has found his absolute favourites that he recommends to all his friends.


🐶 Bringing Harmony to Pet Families 😽

I'm a longtime pet owner and lover who wanted to open a pet store to help you make living life with your animals more enjoyable for both you and them.

⬇️ Here's some of the ways that our products do that ⬇️

$1 From Each Purchase Goes to Support PAWS Canada

PAWS does amazing work in this post-covid financial era to support disadvantaged and in-crisis people access the help they need to keep their pets in their loving arms.

Inspiration Included helps financially and also supports with donations of pet supplies.

Carefully Selected

Selected by our founder Fran, who is a life-long pet rescuer.

She believes that behavioural challenges can be solved with the right tools and strives to help pet parents find the perfect balance for their fur-family members.

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Why Choose Us?

Big online retailers have more options

While huge retailers may offer more options, we have carefully selected our products with your pets needs in mind. We offer quality over quantity.


We are a small family-run business with very low overhead. This allows us to price our products very fairly. We also offer a generous rewards program

My pet already has too many things and may not use it

We specialize in enrichment products that are designed to nurture your pet and tap into their instincts.

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Most of our items ship from Canada or the US, with a select few coming from Europe or Asia. In our global economy, partnering with companies across the globe offers a huge number of options and ensures we can offer the best possible products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Danielle Martinez
Learning still

I just started using it and have to coax Simba to keep eating. Hopefully wil get the hang of it soon as I like how it sticks with the suctions on the floor.

Samantha Hernandez
Distraction for my cat

My cat used to go outside and still digs at the door asking out. When this happens I like to get the snuffle out and give her a game to distract her. I find it actually works. I use kibble so she doent put on weight eating treats all the time.

Thank you for sharing your experience! We're committed to providing top-quality enrichment products for pets.

Josh Rodriguez
No more puking

Hubby wanted me to get rid of our dog cause she would eat fast and then puke it up. so grossss. I got this as a last try and am happy to say it makes her eat so much slower and her puking is gone.

We're delighted to hear about your positive experience with our enrichment products. Thank you for your support!

Brittany Garcia
Good for my pug

I take it to the inlaws to give him an activity to do. His flat face fits nice in the soft rubbery material.

Juilet Smart
Love it so much

Buster uses it every day and loves it so much

We are happy to hear that Buster loves it so much. Thank you for the kind words and letting us know. We hope that we can serve your future needs.