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The Riddler - Snuffle Mat - With Drawstring Bowl

"Such a great design and really well made. Boris used to breeze through easy snuffle mats, but now has a real challenge on his hands and has so much fun every day!" Linda W.

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Unleash the hunter within your beloved pet with The Riddler Snuffle Mat, an adventure in every meal!

Transform your dog’s eating experience into a thrilling hunt, reawakening their deepest, ancestral instincts. Each time they delve into the mat, it’s not just a search for treats; it’s a journey back to their roots, a dance with nature itself. Watch in awe as your dog becomes a forager, a tracker, a true descendant of the wild, all within the comfort of your home.

But this mat offers more than just a meal - it’s a mission, a riddle for the mind, and a feast for the soul. Say goodbye to boredom and anxiety, as your dog finds joy and excitement in every scent and snuffle. The Riddler Snuffle Mat isn’t just a toy; it’s a doorway to a world where natural behaviours are not just embraced, but celebrated. Dive into this scent-sational journey and see your furry friend’s instincts come alive, turning every feeding time into an enriching, exhilarating experience.

The Riddler is Tailored For: Dogs and Cats

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Size: A Generous 66x44 cm / 26x17 in

Special Features

💪 Tough-as-Nails Webbing: This Snuffle Mat features robust webbing at its core. This tough construction ensures your furry friends with be able to enjoy it for years to come.

🎯 Drawstring Slow-Feeder Bowl: Maximize enjoyment with the drawstring slow-feeder bowl, capable of holding a generous amount of treats or kibble. Adjust the opening to create a customizable challenge for your pets. 🐶


🍁 Canadian: Shipped Directly from Ontario!

Nourish your pet's senses with The Riddler Snuffle Mat—order today and let the treat-hunting adventure begin! 🐾✨

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We'd Like to Introduce Ghost

Ghost was once a feral outdoor cat with no hope and a broken leg. He was highly anxious, distrustful, and not used to the human touch. He's now a happy indoor boy with our loving family.

We used lots of love and patience, plus snuffle mats, treats, calming beds, lick mats and toys to win him over.

Now he's a great indoor cat and loves playing and relaxing. He tests all of our products and has found his absolute favourites that he recommends to all his friends.


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$1 From Each Purchase Goes to Support PAWS Canada

PAWS does amazing work in this post-covid financial era to support disadvantaged and in-crisis people access the help they need to keep their pets in their loving arms.

Inspiration Included helps financially and also supports with donations of pet supplies.

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Selected by our founder Fran, who is a life-long pet rescuer.

She believes that behavioural challenges can be solved with the right tools and strives to help pet parents find the perfect balance for their fur-family members.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rebecca Todd
Best Snuffle Mat!

Both of my dogs love this snuffle mat! I have tried others, and they weren't challenging or well made enough for my dogs. This one exceeds expectations! It stands up to my big lab pulling at it, and my little beagle loves all of the different places to sniff! Well worth the cost to get the best. My boys spend about 20-30 minutes each meal using their Riddler mat.


I'm so thrilled to hear that your boys are enjoying the snuffle mat so much and that it exceeds your expectations. I strive to provide only the best and appreciate the feedback more than you know. I look forward to serving you again in the future when you are ready. With thanks, Fran

Elijah Young
Cool Beans

This thing is fire. We give it to Dolly every day and she goes to town on it. So good.

Thank you for the pawsitively wonderful review! It's great to hear that your pet is having a blast.

Isaac Baker

Whoever came up with these things is a genious - can't say enough good things about it,

We're over the moon to hear that your pet enjoys our snuffle mat! Thanks for the glowing feedback.

Lincoln Adams
The best i've ever seen

Great design and amazing quality, nicely done!

We're absolutely thrilled to hear that your pet is loving our snuffle mat! Thank you for the fantastic feedback!

Lily Brown
The slow bowl works great

Really helpful to slow my little muffin down

Your review made us wag our tails with joy! We're so glad your pet is loving our snuffle mat and the slow feeder bowl too