Bring out the BEST in your pets

💔Stop destructive behaviour

⚡Burn excess energy

💩Resolve digestive problems

🧠Sharpen minds

⚔️Ease Resource Guarding

😟Sooth Stress & Anxiety

💤Help YOU Sleep at Night

    • Diggers & scratchers

    • Seniors

    • Endlessly energized

    • Inside more often than preferred

    • Bored or depressed

    • Anxious or nervous

    • Mobility limited

    • Food inhalers

    • Vision or hearing-impaired

    • Chewers & destroyers

    • Too smart for their own good

    • Nocturnal terrors

    • Overweight or underweight

    • Defensive with their food or toys

    • And more!

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🐶Bringing Harmony to Pet Families 😸

I'm a longtime pet owner and lover who wanted to open a pet store to help you make living life with your animals more enjoyable for both you and them.

⬇️ Here's some of the ways that our products do that ⬇️

From Rescuer to Founder: A Journey in Pet Enrichment

Our founder Fran Olmstead is a life long animal lover. She has befriended and cared for a number of animals including cats, dogs, birds and other small animals. She began rescuing animals at age 7 when a tiny duckling was found abandoned and alone in a local park. Her experience with animals, paired with a never-ending desire to solve problems has driven her to find solutions for pets and pet parents alike. She believes that most behavioural challenges can be solved by adding tools to pet parents arsenal. To help accomplish this, she has curated a carefully selected collection of enriching options.

Objections to the Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing can help calm my spicy beast

Our enrichment products are extra durable and will make a big difference with behaviour challenges, even for the most energetic pets. We will provide free tips on how to get the best results for you and your furry friends.

If however you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, we offer a full money back guarantee

Big online retailers have more options

While huge retailers may offer more options, we have carefully selected our products with your pets needs in mind. We offer quality over quantity.

My pet already has too many things and may not use it

We specialize in enrichment products that are designed to nurture your pet and tap into their instincts.

Where do you ship from?

Most of our items ship from Canada or the US, with a select few coming from Europe or Asia. In our global economy, partnering with companies across the globe offers a huge number of options and ensures we can offer the best possible products.


We are a small family-run business with very low overhead. This allows us to price our products very fairly. We also offer a generous rewards program